ASK — it’s the most powerful word in sales!

Posted on November 20, 2014 7:19pm by Dan Hollis

The most powerful word in sales is the word ASK. Ask for the business. Ask them to move forward. Ask them to buy from YOU. Just ASK. They always say a goalie’s best friends are his goal posts. Well sales folks have a best friend too and it’s the word ASK! Hey, what’s the worst thing that can happen. Maybe they say no. You know what, with practice you may find you can turn a no into a yes! (Here’s a way to make a ton of money. Next time you are at a flea market or yard sale, ASK if they can do better or ASK if they could take a little less than what they are asking for. Amazing things can happen. Try it when you buy a high ticket item. ASK them if they can do better. Your ASK-ing, negotiating in this case, will save you many dollars.) Most people are afraid to ask because of rejection. They see the word “sale” on an item and they think that’s enough and it’s their lucky day. You’ll be surprised how often someone will say “okay” when you ask them to do a little better on a price and you will have just saved two, five, twenty or even a hundred dollars or more just by ASKING! In sales, never be afraid to ASK. It’s central to your success!