What IS The Magic of Selling?

Posted on October 14, 2014 6:33pm by Dan Hollis

Dan is the author of The Magic of Selling: A Treasure Map to Bigger and Better Sales. It’s a book populated with golden sales nuggets and captures the passion Dan has for selling – a passion he hopes you adopt. He has had a great deal of sales success in the magazine, radio and film industry writing 1000s of contracts and bringing in millions of dollars. He has taken his 28 years of knowledge, wisdom and enthusiasm in the field and wrapped it all up into his Magic of Selling sales training courses. The old adage “I wish I new 20 years ago what I know now” rings true for most. Imagine where Dan can come in and share so many pearls of wisdom with members of your sales team so that they will be much further along than ever before. We know it is often very difficult to assemble a sales team let alone a very effective one. Dan has always possessed the ability to work with anyone, to teach, to listen, to inspire. He is like a like a doctor evaluating a patient and making recommendations that lead to a cure.