The Value of Good Story Telling

Posted on March 22, 2017 10:50am by Dan Hollis

The Value of Good Story Telling

Are you a good story teller? Can you make a valuable point and back it up with a really good story? The fact is people can often relate to us through the stories we share. They are a great way for someone to remember what we say.

Think of the many great talks you have heard over the years. The best ones involved people telling stories that you were able to relate to, that you pictured yourself in.

Stories can accomplish many things. They can be energizing and inspiring. They can be a breath of fresh air and entertaining. Perhaps they persuade and are moving. Hopefully they are memorable and come from the heart. Stories truly help us make sense of our life’s experiences.

When telling stories, make sure they are engaging and capture the listener’s attention and imagination. You want them to feel your enthusiasm as you tell the story and that they are actively listening. Have your story come to life with great vivid details. Take them on a journey and finish with a powerful conclusion.

The fact is stories help connect us as human beings. Create your signature stories. Practice and perfect them. Become a master storyteller. Go out and inspire people with your stories!