The Importance of Being Organized!

Posted on January 13, 2016 3:26pm by Dan Hollis

We all know how important being organized is, but sometimes (many times?) things can easily get away from us. This is the perfect time of the year to focus on improving our organizational skills. With sooooo many things to keep track of and under our control, you have to develop a system that works for YOU!

Long ago, in a galaxy far far away, I spent many years in radio. Here are a few of the important things I needed to keep track of so I didn’t feel like I was always spinning plates:

1. A thorough list of who my clients were past and present, including all of their pertinent contact information, how long they were advertising on the air, what their budget was and what their monthly schedule looked like.

2. A ‘servicing’ journal, tracking every touch point with the client or prospect.

3. Knowing when existing business was up for renewal and when to change someone’s commercial campaign.

4. Keeping track of my monthly and annual totals. Who was on the air at any given moment. What business was written. What dollars were collected. What referrals were given and received.

  • Being organized and staying on top of your many to do lists has quite a positive effect on being sucessful:
  • Being more focused on the task at hand
  • A feeling of being in control; on top of things
  • A better use of your time which leads to better results
  • More well-rounded, more creative
  • Nothing slips through the cracks
  • A positive mindset and feeling of accomplishment
  • Peace of mind

I want to wish you much continued success and of course a very big, Happy New Year!