Setting Goals Revisited

Posted on August 20, 2016 9:59am by Dan Hollis

SETTING GOALS is very important and top sales people understand this. In all actuality you should have both professional and personal goals. Please remember It is crucial that you put your goals in writing.  Then make sure to prioritize them. It would be wise to have daily, weekly, monthly, annual and life time goals. Focus, discipline, will power and determination will help you achieve your goals. By the way, once you get the hang of goal setting, it will get easier!

I invite you to write your goals down on a 3×5 card and put that card where you can see it EVERY day. Read that card when you see it. Don’t ignore it! Have the faith that you will accomplish everything you set out to do. BELIEF in yourself and your abilities is crucial here.  Have a positive mindset and be pro-active about it. Achieving one’s goals is really quite the high! It is a wonderful feeling when you accomplish the goals that you set out to do. It is the path to happiness. Sooooo… go get em’ tiger and best of luck with achieving your goals!