Role playing is crucial to preparing for success in sales!

Posted on September 27, 2016 3:00pm by Dan Hollis

Successful sales people understand the importance of roleplaying and know it is one of the most effective sale training tools to use so as to sharpen their sales skills and be prepared for every moment in the sales cycle.

Simply find someone to role play with. This can be a fellow sales person, your sales manager, your employer, your spouse. First, you are the seller and they are the potential buyer whom you are trying to get to see. Then reverse the roles. A few areas to practice include: appointment setting, different phone techniques, in person calls, what can happen during a meeting, objections that come up, listening skills, closing techniques. When role playing, be creative.

Record your conversations and listen to them frequently. Critique yourself, how you handled the situations you were practicing. You will begin to retain things through multiple listenings.

I like to say that you don’t win the football game the day of the game. You win it by practicing prior to the game, breaking down tape, getting your body and mind prepared, and studying the playbook all so you can win on any given Sunday. It’s the same thing with role playing and being better prepared in sales.

When everything is well thought out and there has been much practice and preparation involved, great things will happen. No question, comment or concern from a prospect or existing customer will throw you for a loop because you have trained for them through role playing. Role play throughout your career and watch those sales numbers go up!!!