It’s the Little Things That Matter!

Posted on November 22, 2016 6:27pm by Dan Hollis

So here is a keeper. People always remember the “little things you do!” It’s true. You could send a client a finder’s fee for $150. for a referral they gave that panned out for you, but that is not nearly as memorable as doing a nice, small gesture for them. It could be something like making a cd of classic songs you know they would like or maybe some classic tv shows on dvd that are their favorite and that they have not seen in ages. Maybe you are an artist and you draw an incredible picture for them. They will usually be blown away by any genuine gesture like these. It reminds them of one of the reasons why they do business with/befriend you. It shows that you have a genuine interest in them and their well being. It’s like someone saying “I use XYZ bank because whenever I go up to the drive through they always have a dog biscuit for my puppy or a lollipop for my child!”…The little things matter!!

My challenge to you is to look at all of your clients and think of something memorable you can do for each and every one of them. Something that will make them smile and they will not forget. Have fun with it and be creative.

Remember the saying: “People may forget what you say or what you do — but they will never forget how you made them feel!”

Question:  When is the last time you sent a prospect or client a hand written thank you note? Probably a long time, right? Well, guess what? Handwritten thank you notes are very important and valuable. They are from the heart and show that you have taken the time to thank them for the time they spent with you or perhaps the business they gave you.  Again, make sure it’s hand written and written by you (not someone in your office!)  The fact that few people do this anymore means you will really stand out like a diamond in the ruff!