Always Filling Up That Pipeline!

Posted on February 16, 2016 1:19pm by Dan Hollis

Prospecting is developing sales leads with people who may be in the market for our products or services and beginning relationships with them that lead to sales. It is a never-ending, crucial activity. No matter how successful we are, we have to always keep prospecting so we can make sure our pipe line is filled all of the time. If leads dry up we are in big trouble. We cannot always rely on the status quo, our current clients. Prospecting is the crucial part of business development growth. We have to be very diligent, focused and persistent about it. Build a successful system so that prospecting is an integral part of our business routine.

WARNING: Many sales folks slow down on their prospecting activities when everything is going well. Do not fall into that trap!

I have found the most effective method of prospecting is getting referrals. Build strategic alliances where you and your strategic partners are top of mind. Remember, you have to give to get.

Today’s sale had to do with our many yesterdays. Ask yourself, “What was I doing yesterday? What was I doing last week? What was I doing last month? What was I doing last year?”

Hopefully…you were prospecting!!!