Handling Objections Part 2

Posted on June 21, 2016 8:40am by Dan Hollis

This may be strange, but I love objections. When a prospect, possible buyer or client asks questions it really means they are paying attention, want to learn something and/or get more information. Some of those questions or statements may be in the form of objections. They are waiting to see what your response will be to said objection. If you can answer them effectively, you are winning them over. Showing them you are knowledgeable, confident, trustworthy and passionate about your product or service. Sometimes I’ll even bring up a potential objection I think they might ask in the hopes of diffusing it before it ever comes up in our conversation. I may say, for example, “If you like all of the ideas I share with you today in my proposal outlining everything we previously explored including solutions to the areas you need help on, would you feel comfortable moving forward?”

I love objections because I view them as “batting practice.”  Practicing in the batting cage on your swing, your technique, etc. prepares you for the real game. Handling objections effectively helps build my credibility with them and hopefully makes them more comfortable with what I’m selling in the hopes that I will eventually close the deal. I plan on hitting those objections out of the ball park! have a proper response for each and every objection that may come up in conversation. Often, an objection is really a smokescreen. Once you win them over to your way of thinking, after all you are in the persuasion business, that objection goes away. By knowing all about your product or service, you will figure out ahead of time what all of those future objections may be and how to respond to them properly and automatically.

People are very impressed when you can answer an objection properly. You need to master all of the objections that come up in your respective industry because you won’t want to walk away from a sale with your tail between your legs having crashed and burned from an objection that ate you up. Take the time to write down as many objections as you can that you come. Write down what would be a great response to those objections. Then memorize them like your ABC’s!

BONUS: Remember, when someone asks you something that you honestly don’t know the answer to, don’t fudge your way through it with an ad-libbed answer. Tell them that that is a great question, but you are not positive about the answer and you want to find out for them. Ask them if it’s alright to call a little later in the day after you have researched and found out the proper answer. That’s credibility!