Become GREAT at handling objections

Posted on September 13, 2015 7:49am by Dan Hollis

One of the most important aspects of being successful in sales is your ability to handle objections effectively. When a prospect or client has an objection to something it usually means they literally want more useful information or maybe they are even on the road to being convinced and want to be convinced.This is why any company that has sales people…all sales people in general…should master ALL of the typical objections that they face while selling their product or service. The FIRST thing to do is identify all of the objections you can think of. Talk to your colleagues, your team – pow wow on it. Come up with as many you can. Once you have identified them come up with how you would answer said objections in an effective manner so as to win someone over. Winning them over means that you have diffused the objection, answered it in intelligent, positive and convincing matter. You are believable and are developing trust. Believe it or not I love objections. I think of them as batting practice, an opportunity to constantly sharpen my skills. I KNOW that by handling these objections effectively the prospect is gaining trust in me, my abilities, my company. They want to be confident in me before they work with me. So don’t be afraid someone may ask you something you are not sure about or that you may clam up when an objection comes your way. The secret is to prepare for them. I always say the football game is won not the day of the game, but the week prior IN PRACTICE! Become a master at handling objections and you will be rewarded. People buy from people they like and handling objections properly helps lead to that end!