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I’m Dan Hollis and for nearly three decades, I’ve enjoyed a successful career in outside sales with a focus on media (print, radio, television and film). I love to sell and have a passion for helping others sell more effectively and close more deals. Through my company, The Magic of Selling LLC, I offer one, two and three full-day sales training courses as well as ongoing monthly coaching. I am also available on a consulting basis assisting you on business development, accompanying you on meetings, and joining you and your team on closing opportunities. Whether you and your team need a sales jump-start, a full tune-up, or even a whole new engine – I deliver results.


My book, The Magic of Selling: A Treasure Map to Bigger and Better Sales, will give you the blueprint that I used to forge a long and successful career in outside sales. Learn more about The Magic of Selling here.

Radio Host

I’ve co-hosted an interview-driven radio program dedicated to pop culture and nostalgia known as Time Travel Radio. The program focused on pioneers in film, television, animation, music, comicdom and similar pop culture topics.


Dan Hollis

A strong, motivated sales force is crucial to the survival of your business. If a salesperson’s skill is strong, they can create their own success and practically dictate their income.

Whether in-person (outside) or over the phone (inside), selling takes a great deal of skill and good salespeople are always refining their techniques. I teach “The Art of the Sell.”

I have taken 28 years of industry knowledge and unabashed enthusiasm and wrapped it all up into my “Magic of Selling” training courses. Whether you run your own business or work for a company in a sales-related role, you need to hone and perfect your ability to sell. Customers are intuitive; they can sense when a sales person is passionate and believes in their product or service.

Read on to learn more about what you can discover in one of my courses.

Areas covered in The Magic of Selling training courses include:

Mastering the Big Four

  1. Belief in ones product or service (transferring your belief to others – THE WHY!)
  2. Product knowledge (know your product or service inside out)
  3. Handling objections effectively (be prepared; this wins them over)
  4. Relating to all kinds of personalities (understanding these personalities)
It’s all about AIDA:

  • Getting their Attention
  • Developing an Interest
  • Creating a Desire
  • Their taking Action

Mastering AIDA leads to more clients, higher revenues, higher profits and peace of mind.

What kind of results can you expect from working with me?

  • More Appointments
  • More Deals Closed
  • Higher Closing Ratio
  • More Referrals
  • Warmer Leads
  • More Revenue


Additional areas covered in The Magic of Selling training courses include:

  • Bonding & rapport (finding levels of commonality)
  • Body language (body language tells you so much)
  • The words we use (words are very powerful; choose them wisely)
  • Organizational skills (never let anything slip through the cracks)
  • Planning ahead/thinking moves ahead (be prepared, plan out how it may go)
  • Digging into pain (where the prospect is, versus where they want to be)
  • Closing the deal (bringing it home)
  • Pattern interruption (shaking it up)
  • Building confidence (confidence breeds confidence)
  • The importance of listening (vitally important)
  • Prospecting (how to)
  • Negotiating (another art form)
  • Beliefs and removing head trash (it’s all upstairs in your head)
  • The importance of referrals (Referrals are King)
  • Evaluation/tracking (know what is going on)
  • Scripting (scripts for many situations)
  • Debriefing (evaluate yourself and your actions to improve)

Some will say that the start-up entrepreneur is always at a disadvantage simply because the market operates tirelessly without their presence, and that the odds are stacked against anyone attempting to carve out a niche. Others, however, say this is not the case, and that so many successful entrepreneurs simply mean that there is an abundance of successful formulas.

When it comes to information on how to work your way from a start-up business person with an idea to a successful marketer, there are countless systems and books out there to try. One of the most popular for aspiring entrepreneurs is The Magic of Selling by Dan Hollis.

Hollis’ work is available in many formats including book and CD form and the purpose of the work is to assist individuals considering taking on sales as a business career. The Magic of Selling: A Treasure Map to Bigger and Better Sales was constructed both to provide adequate help in the field and to provide some entertainment. It’s a great fun to read.

Whether a newbie in the business game or a long-time salesperson, The Magic of Selling can help you brush up on your sales tactics and always stay one step ahead of the curve in any market situation. Of course, it’s almost impossible to predict how things will go in the current climate, but the tools taught here will help anyone adjust with a solid core set of principles.

The Magic of Selling, as you can garner from the name, deals primarily with selling goods/services effectively in the marketplace. One of the key factors focused on here is the actual magic of persuasion. Being able to persuade a customer to purchase from you is undoubtedly the greatest tool at a business person’s disposal.

In order to correctly persuade another person, however, you have to be fully confident of the product/service you’re selling and also fully aware of every aspect of it. You need to know if it’s a desirable product/service, if it needs work, and how similar products/services do in the market.

From there, you will learn vital information about how to properly handle, market, trade and sell your merchandise for an ultimate profit. You will understand that the product and the marketing is simply a means to an end and the better your means are, the more you’re going to make out with as a final result.

This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme at all. To the contrary, The Magic of Selling is honest about the need to have a relatively good product/service and to build a good brand while marketing and selling. It’s a blend of trafficking tactics and product awareness whose goal is to transform every start-up business person into a success in their respective niche.

Having an average product will do if your marketing is impeccable, but this is going to take much more work on your part. Not to even mention that the best products build return customers, and returning customers build a business.

The Magic of Selling touches on a lot about how to be a successful salesperson and it’s considered one of the best works of business advice to come along in decades.

Business Book Review: Don Fitzpatrick – Lady Luck Media
I have had the pleasure of knowing Dan almost my entire 6 years at Hudson. Dan is truly amazing, extremely wise and talented. He is also a great communicator and listener. I am glad he has decided to let other people in the sales world learn from him and be taught by him. I have learned so much from Dan, more than he knows. Dan and I regularly have met and talked shop. I am always learning from the stories, ideas and experiences he has shared with me.

The knowledge you gain from the Magic of Selling will ultimately also affect your life and how you live and treat people. I am confident Dan’s classes will not only make you a better sales machine than you ever dreamed of, but also a better person. When working with Dan you are always going to learn new things. If you are looking to work with someone who is smart, energetic, solution driven, and detail oriented – Dan is your guy. He has inspired his friends, clients, and generally anyone he has come in contact with. He strives to be great to his clients.

It says a lot about a person that when I recommend him to people that I personally know  I’ll always receive a call or an e-mail from those very same people thanking me for the introduction to Dan. Dan is really one of a kind…he is, as they say, “Aces.” Do yourself a favor and contact Dan, one call could change your life and your business.

Jeff Matta, Vice President, Hudson Horizons

Dan is one of the most genuine and talented people I have had the pleasure to know, and on top of that he is a phenomenon in sales. He is passionate and truly knows the ins and outs of sales, from targeting potential clients, telephone cold calling, preparing for meetings, conduct during meetings, follow-up and so much more. It doesn’t matter the size of your business, how good you think you are or how successful you’ve become Dan Hollis’ “The Magic of Selling” clarifies and reinforces the essentials of Sales, ensuring your success. He helped us realize that we were on-track in many points but needed to change the way made our initial contact. I can’t say enough about the knowledge he imparted to my whole staff.

David Derr, D2 Studios Inc.
“Nothing happens until a sale is made.” Dan Hollis understands this far better than most. And I’m not talking about selling for the purpose of closing; I’m talking about selling for the purpose of progress. Forward thinking individuals like Dan understand that the challenges imposed by today’s economic environment will require thoughtful and creative approaches.

Dan takes the time to truly understand client needs, demonstrates flexibility in meeting those needs, and delivers whatever it takes to get the job done. A master networker, he also understands the ‘quid pro quo’ nature of helping others achieve their goals, especially when there is no clear and direct benefit to himself personally. I highly recommend approaching Dan if your business could really use a boost!

Alan Johnson, Managing Member, Johnson Harper LLC

Dan sat down with me and came up with simple, easy-to-remember steps to increase my sales and not focus in on selling but being more natural. Taking the best characteristics of what I do in my current sales process and bolstering those, making them better, stronger, and making sure that I have the processes in place with every sale to ensure that my chances of winning are that much higher.

Ian Loew, Owner, Lform Design

Absolutely one of the best comprehensive sales and business development training sessions I have attended in a very long time. Leveraging his very successful 25+ year career, Dan Hollis advises and postures your sales team for success, by sharing his knowledge and experience. Created a fun and inviting atmosphere where my team could ask questions and express their challenges without harsh judgment. The Magic of Selling, by Dan Hollis, a must have for any hungry sales organization that is looking to deepen its competitive edge.

Sam Burlum, Founder and CEO, Extreme Energy Solutions

Dan is not only a colleague, but a friend whom I feel conducts business in a truly personal manner that exceeds expectations every time and upholds the highest level of ethics. When you work with Dan you get years of knowledge and experience for which there is just no substitute!

Chris Regan, President, CLR Solutions LLC

Like Dan Hollis always says, ‘he eats sales for breakfast, lunch & dinner!’ A true veteran in the world of sales, Dan has displayed time and time again the skills you need to perfect to be successful. During his tenure at Grey Sky Films, Dan was at the top of the charts and would always share his knowledge and insights to the newer kids on the block. A guy who truly loves sales, Dan took his years of experience and wrapped them neatly into his book, The Magic of Selling. Chock full of must-have information, his book is a great resource for newbies and veterans!

Cathy Beck, Grey Sky Films

Dan is a brilliant salesman with a great soul. His positive attitude and deep knowledge of selling makes him invaluable He has a great attention to detail and general overall honest joy of meeting people and finding out what makes them tick, which is the quality I admire most in Dan. He is very loyal, passionate, and truly sincere about what he does and how he does it. Clients love to talk to him and be around him.

Chris Vaglio, Co-Founder, Grey Sky Films

Not only have I known Dan for several years, he has been a great resource for me as I moved forward with my ventures. His book The Magic of Selling (and now his business) brings prospecting and selling to a real level. I suggest you have a cup of coffee with Dan to learn how a real relationship works and how real Dan is!

Joseph J. Opalka, Life Insurance Professional

I had the pleasure of meeting Dan Hollis five years ago when I was looking for some advertising help for my muffin gift basket company. What struck me about Dan was his honesty and sincerity and his genuine desire to understand my business. It comes as no surprise to me that he has taken his talents to coach businesses to achieve their goals. I hired him to come to my company for a sales training session with my employees.

His passion, knowledge and years of experience is presented in a very comfortable yet empowering way. The time flew by as we worked together to cover not only his material for us but our conversations that drilled down to our specific needs. If your company or brand is lagging in any way Dan will identify the issues and help implement successful solutions.

Leslie Nist, Mallory's Marvelous Muffins

Not long ago I was introduced to Dan through his former employer. Dan and I had a few conversations and it was quickly evident that his skill level in sales was beyond anything I could have hoped to achieve. Once he started his own company, The Magic of Selling, he mentored me on closing business more effectively. I immediately implemented some of his suggestions and my close ratio increased from below 20% to somewhere around 60% and climbing.

Over the years I have met many sales professionals, many of whom are quite good. Dan is among the best, if not the best, sales closer I know. No business can operate unless it closes business. Dan can help you do that better than just about anyone. I cannot recommend Dan highly enough for your sales needs.

David Deutsch, SynergiSocial

I recently completed Dan’s sales training course and immediately had results. We closed new business using his ideas…it was like magic!! I’m so glad he sold us on taking the course. Dan is an all-around good guy who just wants to help others succeed. Thanks Dan!!

Denise Depaola, Fund Administration

Dan Hollis is a great speaker, teacher and overall awesome guy. I have gained so much knowledge and plan to utilize it in my new journey. Thank you so much Dan, you deserve all of your success.

Stacey Muench, Extreme Energy Solutions

I would like to say that the sales training course that Dan Hollis gave was one of the best classes I ever participated in. He made it fun and interesting for everyone. Not the old sit and take notes just to be board for 7 hours, etc. He went over very astute and significant information needed to carry out the best a sales person can be. I know that having taken his course, I will be more successful and more confident when selling our products. I made a new friend today, his name is Dan Hollis. Thank you Dan.

Joseph Melchionda, Account Executive, Extreme Energy Solutions
When I first met Dan Hollis, I felt like I had known him a lifetime. Part of this was being kindred spirits, the rest was because of Dan’s incredible ability to connect with people. Dan’s selling skill-set is broad and deep – and is rooted in experience and practical application. He is the consummate professional yet also connects quickly and compellingly with those he serves.

Note I said “serves”, not “sells”. This core philosophy can be felt immediately by anyone meeting Dan. His quiet strength and intent listening brings instant credibility that only deepens the experience of learning “selling skills” from Dan. I highly recommend him to any company seeking to better engage their sales-force so that they can bring in the business to meet the company’s goals.

Christine Clifton, Founder, Mindful Business Matters

Dan was one of the most amazing trainers I have ever met. The training was very laid back which made it easier to follow and understand. If I ever had employees of my own to train, I would certainly call Dan. He also seems like the kind of person, once he is your friend, he always will be. I have learned so much from him in just 3 days. Thanks so much Dan. Look forward to meeting you again.

Brett, Account Executive, Extreme Energy Solutions
I am an Engineer by trade and nature and as such suffer from the typical phobias that many technical people have for “The Dark Side of Sales”. I’ve done it from time to time but I don’t do well with rejection and when someone tells me “not interested” I cross them off the list as any good engineer would do, after all I don’t want to be seen as an annoyance. I own a company that relies completely on sales for success and fortunately I have had competent sales people working for me over the years, but I wanted to be more involved. A colleague recommended that I speak with Dan. I have to confess that I was not over enthusiastic at the thought of sales training but I was hoping that I would perhaps pick up some useful tips that would help me win more business. By the end of the day I discovered two things.

Firstly, my perception of the sales process changed from one of being an annoyance to that of being a benefit to the companies that could really use my service. That change in mindset coupled with the simple yet effective techniques that Dan teaches have had an enormous impact.

Secondly, I discovered a really great human being in Dan Hollis. He is down to earth, humble (on occasion), has a great teaching style and is profoundly invested in the people and the companies that he helps on a daily basis.

If any business leader or sales professional find themselves in a rut and in need of revitalization, I recommend they connect with Dan Hollis.

Doug Batchelor, Owner & General Manager, Express Employment Professionals

If you feel you can improve your sales, but lack the knowledge, skills or confidence, I highly recommend contacting Dan. As a new business owner I believed in my service, but didn’t have all that was needed to get clients. Working with Dan wasn’t only about making a sale or closing a deal, but also understanding the relationship needed with a client, the knowledge required and the value of believing what you are doing is important. Dan gave me a new outlook on what I do, how I help people and ultimately gave me key steps to growing my business. I now have the confidence and tools needed to be a more successful business owner.

I’m confident that what I’ve learned from Dan and The Magic of Selling will be valuable for a lifetime. I couldn’t thank him enough. I now refer to Dan as ‘the salesman with heart!’ I highly recommend Dan if you’re truly looking for a pro.

Michele Testa , Entrepreneur

I’ve recently had the pleasure of meeting an honest to goodness sales pro – the likes of some famous ones in the past. From our first chance meeting I knew he was the real deal in sales expertise. By the second meeting I immediately purchased and devoured his book” The Magic of Selling”. Dan combines the credibility and wisdom of a solid sales background with an easygoing and down to earth manner of sharing that with you in a language you can understand and apply. His basic and genuine desire to help others is the epitome of sales goal #1. Good people with that kind of talent don’t come along all the time. I highly recommend this Superman of Sales to help you boost your business and life.

Alice Vigiletti, Best Way Printing

I had the pleasure of attending Dan’s course and had a really great experience. I will be honest; I did not see much value in taking this course prior to attending. I have been working in customer service for 13 years and 9 of those were in sales… so I thought the class would be pointless. However Dan’s approach and material was delivered in a way that everyone can benefit whether they are new to sales or an experienced professional. Dan shared a lot of great highly entertaining stories from his own experience that everyone can relate and learn from. You can see the passion he has for sales in the stories that he shares which are inspiring and motivating. I would recommend his class to anyone in sales.

Ahsan Naz, Personal Banker at Investors Bank

I had the pleasure of spending a day of outstanding sales training and coaching with Dan a few months ago, essentially one-on-one, and it was perhaps the most inspired interaction I have had in a very long professional career. Dan is all about relationship selling, developing an honest bond with your customer, and bringing value – not just a product – to the table. If you are considering utilizing his services, stop thinking and just do it! A great coach and mentor, and an even better person – you cannot lose, guaranteed. Dan White, Extreme Energy Solutions.

Dan White, Sales and Marketing, Extreme Energy Solutions

We hired Dan Hollis, founder and sales Trainer for The Magic of Selling, because in these times of declining enrollment and fiscal uncertainty our operations were very much in need of a shot in the arm. It also did not hurt that I have personally known Dan over a decade and have always found him to be a fantastic salesman and sales trainer.

Dan spent a full day with our team breaking the day into two parts:

1.Business development training – working with the team on improving their business development skills as well as helping them not feeling so over-burdened with all of their many responsibilities.

2.Interviewing each team member – his version of a SWAT analysis. Some of the questions Dan asked elicited information that was extremely useful to us.

Having Dan join us was a wonderful decision. We found him to be high energy, engaging, inspiring and very encouraging. He shared a variety of practical ideas, methods, innovations and tools for us to put into practice immediately. He also identified what we may have been doing right, but more importantly what we need to fix and what we can do much better. Dan also took the time to understand who we are, who we serve and what we are trying to accomplish at Warren County Community College.

All in all it was a fantastic day spent with a wonderful sales trainer. We hope to take all of the pearls of wisdom Dan shared with us and run with them when approaching High School students and their families regarding the benefits of attending W.C.C.C.

It is my suggestion that you hire Dan for a day (or 2) of business development training to re-energize your team. It will be well worth it. In the end, our true result was record enrollment in a time where many others where experiencing enrollment declines.


Dr. Will Austin, President, Warren County Community College







Dr. William Austin, President, Warren County Community College

Dan does a great job engaging people, building rapport and connecting to others. He understands the importance of empowering the people that he works with to get past the stumbling blocks they may encounter. I know he really helped us improve our ability to engage with potential sponsors for Project Help.


Sandy Mitchell, Founder, Project Help

I had the pleasure of attending Dan’s presentation, the Magic of Selling through CoreNet New Jersey Women’s SIG. Dan was professional, his material was educational, current and humorous at times. I enjoyed his inspirational stories and had many good takeaways. We are all selling something in some way, so this material can be applied across all industries and roles. Building relationships is critical. Network for business, not just about making friends. Never lose focus on the importance of the customer and understanding their needs. Listen more than you talk! Thank you Dan.

Marianne Zeller, Senior Director, Corporate Real Estate


Lform combines creativity and technological prowess to deliver results-driven digital design and marketing solutions. From discovery to development, we maintain a laser focus on your goals. Our websites tell the story of your company and connect the organization to its ideal audience. We make it easy for customers and potential clients to learn about what you do and the products and services offered.

Generic Brand Human

Generic Brand Human is a full service video production company and photography studio.

Understanding how to effectively sell to your prospects and customers is one of the most important, yet least understood concepts for sales professionals today. This is reason number one why I decided to write this book. I also wanted to share my decades of sales experience with you in the hopes that it will help you be that much more successful in your career.

Remember, people BUY from people they like, that they TRUST. You build that trust a number of ways, and they are all explored in this book. If you adopt the information inside, the sky is the limit.


If you are ready for change, I can help you get there. You can put to use these tips right now! Are you ready? Within these pages we will explore:

  • Why belief in the product or service you are selling is critical.
  • How to find qualified prospects.
  • How to spot the clues that will help you bond with a prospect quickly.
  • How the ability to listen effectively will lead to more business.
  • How building credibility and trust will grow your business faster.
  • Why it takes product knowledge plus a good personality to help close the sale.
  • How to overcome objections effectively. How your response to prospect questions will lead to faster sales.
  • Why mindset is so critical.
  • How organization will expand your ability to close more deals.
  • Why those who set goals earn more.
  • How the top sales people use ongoing education and personal growth to fuel their sales.
  • And a whole lot more!

I eat, sleep and breathe sales and you can too, with the help of the tips and techniques contained in my book, The Magic of Selling: A Treasure Map to Bigger and Better Sales. All of the techniques demonstrated throughout the book are applicable to any sales career.

The Magic of Selling is so chock full of key sales nuggets that if you are just embarking on a sales career, this book could be the spark that jump-starts your career. For the seasoned veteran, it’s always good to revisit those tried and true sales principles that many take for granted or have even abandoned.

How DO we grow our business vs. just taking meetings and collecting friends along the way…

Posted on November 8, 2017 1:24pm by Dan Hollis

Isn’t it wonderful when you can go on a sales call and get along well with the prospect. Perhaps the bonding and rapport you have with them is off the charts. Maybe there are a ton of levels of commonality that you both have. The bottom line is: you are getting along fabulously with them in that first meeting…almost like “Excuse me everyone, I would like you all to meet ______. We a…re life-long friends…

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The Power of Testimonials

Posted on September 14, 2017 11:43am by Dan Hollis

Testimonials are written or recorded statements that highlight your likability, your credibility, your capabilities, and your level of expertise. They strengthen the trust people have in working with you and express that to others. They are great to use in your collateral material (media kit, brochure, etc.) and/or on your website and social media platforms. Let’s say your existing client has agreed to give you a testimonial that you may now share with others. Something positive that they have to…

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The Value of Good Story Telling

Posted on March 22, 2017 10:50am by Dan Hollis

The Value of Good Story Telling Are you a good story teller? Can you make a valuable point and back it up with a really good story? The fact is people can often relate to us through the stories we share. They are a great way for someone to remember what we say. Think of the many great talks you have heard over the years. The best ones involved people telling stories that you were…

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Always Be Prepared in sales!

Posted on January 30, 2017 11:40am by Dan Hollis

How would you like to really improve as a sales person, almost overnight! Then make sure you become a Jedi Master when it comes to preparation. Prepare for everything you do in your sales career whether making a phone call, dropping by randomly on a cold call, or showing up to a scheduled meeting. Have everything mapped out in advance. Let’s say you are going on a first-time meeting with a prospect. Learn as much…

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It’s the Little Things That Matter!

Posted on November 22, 2016 6:27pm by Dan Hollis

So here is a keeper. People always remember the “little things you do!” It’s true. You could send a client a finder’s fee for $150. for a referral they gave that panned out for you, but that is not nearly as memorable as doing a nice, small gesture for them. It could be something like making a cd of classic songs you know they would like or maybe some classic tv shows on dvd that…

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Role playing is crucial to preparing for success in sales!

Posted on September 27, 2016 3:00pm by Dan Hollis

Successful sales people understand the importance of roleplaying and know it is one of the most effective sale training tools to use so as to sharpen their sales skills and be prepared for every moment in the sales cycle. Simply find someone to role play with. This can be a fellow sales person, your sales manager, your employer, your spouse. First, you are the seller and they are the potential buyer whom you are trying…

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Setting Goals Revisited

Posted on August 20, 2016 9:59am by Dan Hollis

SETTING GOALS is very important and top sales people understand this. In all actuality you should have both professional and personal goals. Please remember It is crucial that you put your goals in writing.  Then make sure to prioritize them. It would be wise to have daily, weekly, monthly, annual and life time goals. Focus, discipline, will power and determination will help you achieve your goals. By the way, once you get the hang of…

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Handling Objections Part 2

Posted on June 21, 2016 8:40am by Dan Hollis

This may be strange, but I love objections. When a prospect, possible buyer or client asks questions it really means they are paying attention, want to learn something and/or get more information. Some of those questions or statements may be in the form of objections. They are waiting to see what your response will be to said objection. If you can answer them effectively, you are winning them over. Showing them you are knowledgeable, confident,…

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Setting Goals

Posted on May 11, 2016 4:31pm by Dan Hollis

Top sales people know the importance of setting goals, both personal and business. They set daily, weekly, monthly, annual and even lifetime goals. They intend to achieve or exceed their objectives by focusing on said goals and never letting anything slip through the cracks. They formulate a game plan, write things down, track and position themselves for success. On the surface this sounds so simple to do, but it really takes a lot of focus,…

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The Most Successful Sales People Are Great Listeners!

Posted on March 21, 2016 4:14pm by Dan Hollis

It is amazing how many times a sales person shows up on a meeting and cannot stop talking. Maybe they get so excited about their product or service that they do not realize they are monopolizing the conversation. Not only is that a turn off, but they are blowing their chances of connecting with the prospect. The reality is, we should only be talking about 20 percent of the time. When we do talk, we…

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Always Filling Up That Pipeline!

Posted on February 16, 2016 1:19pm by Dan Hollis

Prospecting is developing sales leads with people who may be in the market for our products or services and beginning relationships with them that lead to sales. It is a never-ending, crucial activity. No matter how successful we are, we have to always keep prospecting so we can make sure our pipe line is filled all of the time. If leads dry up we are in big trouble. We cannot always rely on the status…

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The Importance of Being Organized!

Posted on January 13, 2016 3:26pm by Dan Hollis

We all know how important being organized is, but sometimes (many times?) things can easily get away from us. This is the perfect time of the year to focus on improving our organizational skills. With sooooo many things to keep track of and under our control, you have to develop a system that works for YOU! Long ago, in a galaxy far far away, I spent many years in radio. Here are a few of…

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Have you ever wanted to write a book & learn how to self-publish it?

Posted on November 9, 2015 11:01am by Dan Hollis

Hi! Do you have a book in you? Ever thought about writing one, but you don’t know how you will publish it? Maybe you are writing it now or perhaps it is even finished and are confused what to do next. Reach out and I will share with you some valuable tips on how easy (and inexpensive) it really is to publish your own book! Would love to hear from you and help.

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Become GREAT at handling objections

Posted on September 13, 2015 7:49am by Dan Hollis

One of the most important aspects of being successful in sales is your ability to handle objections effectively. When a prospect or client has an objection to something it usually means they literally want more useful information or maybe they are even on the road to being convinced and want to be convinced.This is why any company that has sales people…all sales people in general…should master ALL of the typical objections that they face while…

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To Be Interesting, You Have to Be Interested

Posted on July 18, 2015 8:28pm by Dan Hollis

It is so important when meeting with a prospect to be genuinely curious and genuinely interested in them and what they do. It has to come across as real because you know in your heart, to you, it is always real. People can intuitively tell if you truly care and it will really help with your bonding and rapport with them; finding those levels of commonality. After all, people buy from people they like. That…

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Why Referrals are king of the world!

Posted on May 28, 2015 9:06pm by Dan Hollis

The most successful sales people, the ones that are in the top 1% – all know one indisputable truth. Referrals are king! They know it’s not about cold calling, knocking on doors, walking into places randomly. It’s about looking at your active client base and asking yourself “what have I done for them lately?” For if you understand that you have to give to get, you will become top of mind with your clients and…

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The Big 4 in sales

Posted on May 10, 2015 12:50pm by Dan Hollis

While it is true there are hundreds of things to learn and perfect when working on becoming an elite sales person, when putting it into the simplest of terms, it really comes down to the Big 4: FIRST – You have to truly BELIEVE in your product or service. When a prospect looks YOU in the eye – will they sense how much you love what you do and how much you beleive in what…

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Drum roll please for………Think and Grow Rich

Posted on April 24, 2015 4:28pm by Dan Hollis

Many of you who know me know how much of a fan I am of Napoleon Hill. Napleon Hill was of course the author of one of the most influentil books ever written – Think and Grow Rich. What’s that, you don’t have it? You never heard of it before?? Oh me garshhhhhh. Well please stop what you are doing and go to Ebay, Amazon or the bookstore and plunk down $10 immediately for this…

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Posted on February 2, 2015 3:07pm by Dan Hollis

MINDSET – we’ve all heard of the power of positive thinking. There have been many books written on the subject and many experts talk about it. There’s a reason, for example, why succesful people like to hang out with other sucessful people. At the end of the day, it really is amazing what we can do when we put our minds to it. When you can have that desire to acheive something it is a…

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ASK — it’s the most powerful word in sales!

Posted on November 20, 2014 7:19pm by Dan Hollis

The most powerful word in sales is the word ASK. Ask for the business. Ask them to move forward. Ask them to buy from YOU. Just ASK. They always say a goalie’s best friends are his goal posts. Well sales folks have a best friend too and it’s the word ASK! Hey, what’s the worst thing that can happen. Maybe they say no. You know what, with practice you may find you can turn a…

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What IS The Magic of Selling?

Posted on October 14, 2014 6:33pm by Dan Hollis

Dan is the author of The Magic of Selling: A Treasure Map to Bigger and Better Sales. It’s a book populated with golden sales nuggets and captures the passion Dan has for selling – a passion he hopes you adopt. He has had a great deal of sales success in the magazine, radio and film industry writing 1000s of contracts and bringing in millions of dollars. He has taken his 28 years of knowledge, wisdom…

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